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The Declaration of Hajj Company Registration

Date: Saturday 15 April 2017
Hijri Date:

The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs announces to all citizens and residents wishing to practice Hajj rituals for the year 1438 AH that the registration is opened via the electronic system for all pilgrims of Oman at the following link ( during the period from Monday, 12 Rajab to Saturday, 24 Rajab 1438 AH corresponding to 10- 22 April 2017 under the regulations and requirements contained in this declaration:

First: The Registration Mechanism::

  1. 1- The registration must be performed directly via the following link ( during the period specified above. The system provides three ways to register directly (registration by entering the civil number manually or reading the identification card with pki (the electronic authentication system) by the card reader or entering the Mobile` number if the mobile SIM card supported by "pki".
  2. The Additional registration sites: the departments and offices of endowments and religious affairs in the provinces and states or the offices of "Sanad Centers" in all governorates of the Sultanate.
  3. 3- Mahram, the person who accompanied the woman or man will be selected from the list previously registered in the system according to the controls.
  4. The registration will need the civil ID number on condition that it is valid for a period of at least 10 months; as well the applicant must have valid passport for a period of at least 10 months.
  5. The applicant must record his/her personal mobile number during the registration process to receive any text messages from the system, which is a way of communication for getting any actions or reports and the consequences thereof.
  6. All applicants in the pilgrimage season 1437 AH who have not been accepted must renew their application if they have a desire to practice Hajj this season 1438 AH.


Second: The Regulations and Requirements of Registration:

  1. 1- The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. The applicant must choose the type of Hajj identified in the system consistently the reality.
  3. The applicant must attach the documents required to prove the will of Hajj in the system on condition that it is be certified by the competent authorities, "the Hajj` will approved by the judge, the writer of justice, or any will ratified by the judge or the writer of justice". The date of will` writing must be determined in the document by the applicant plus his/her civil number.
  4. The applicant must note his/her last year of practicing the rituals of volunteering Hajj.
  5. The applicant must read the terms and conditions before confirming the registration process in the system and bear the legal consequences of any violation occurred after approval.
  6. Any application submitted outside the electronic registration system and delivered after the specified period will not be accepted except what`s advertised in the domestic newspapers by the Ministry.
  7. The registration process isn`t considered as a promise of final approval until the completion of registration process, sorting the eligibility priorities, determining the eligible people to the opportunities and informing them officially under the scheduled of the system by the ministry.


Third: Entitlement Granting Regulations:

  1. Entitlement opportunities are granted automatically after confirmation the accuracy of data within the number allocated to the Sultanate` pilgrims by the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the applicant will be notified by a text message via the system.
  2. The Ministry has the right to cancel the opportunity if it proves that the applicant` data is incorrect.
  3. If the beneficiary apologizes getting the opportunity, he has no right to grant it to other persons, but is directly granted by the system to the next beneficiary in the sorting process.
  4. The beneficiary must commit to the opportunity by selecting a Hajj Company and health institution specified in the system within the identified period, so that the choice will be made by beneficiary, his/her direct acquaintance or his/her authorized person; the opportunity will automatically miss after the specified period.
  5. Selection of the Hajj Company from the system is considered an obligation by the beneficiary with the consequent financial consequences; the choice of beneficiary is also considered an approval for contracting with the Hajj Company via the electronic system binding the two parties to the competent authorities.

Any request submitted prior to this declaration, after the specified period or not attached with annexes required above will not be hold

God grants success

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