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Home Undersecretary Office

The functions of the Deputy's Office
  1. Doing the coordination work of the Deputy's office, including the organization of dates, interviews, as well recording the outgoing and incoming of that works, keeping and transferring the Deputy ' directions to the competent authorities and following - up their implementation.
  2. Taking the necessary actions to receive the Ministry' guests, preparing and organizing the celebrations held by the Ministry.
  3. Providing and distributing the ministry's needs of newspapers and magazines.
  4. Completing visa works required for the Ministry's employees.

This office includes the following Departments:
Coordination and Follow-up Department:
  1. Organizing the dates and interviews of the Deputy.
  2. Preparing the meetings in which the Deputy participates, and preparing the subjects, documents and studies required for those meetings as well writing their records.
  3. Receiving all the required subjects to be submitted to the Deputy, completing the papers and documents to be attached, studied and preparing a summary before the presentation if possible.
  4. Informing the directives and instructions of the Deputy to the specialists and following - up their implementation.
  5. Receiving the listed correspondence of the Office and record them in the register, sending correspondence to the competent authorities and keeping them in the files prepared for that.
  6. Following- up the competent authorities for answering to correspondence sent from the Office.
  7. Printing all correspondences and warrants
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