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The functions of public Relations Department
  1. Taking the necessary actions to receive the Ministry' guests and preparing visit' programs in coordination with other concerned departments.
  2. Completing visa work required for external visits or official tasks of specialists in the Ministry.
  3. Organizing and preparing the celebrations held by the Ministry at different events.
  4. Providing and distributing the needs of Ministry's sections of newspapers and magazines.
 This division includes the following departments:
Reception and Hospitality Section:
  1. Taking actions to receive guests and providing the necessary transportation during the visit.
  2. Preparing the visits' programs for the guests of Ministry.
  3. Preparing places for official seminars, conferences and discussions as well supervising their processing in coordination with the competent authorities.
  4. Managing suitable accommodation of visitors and guests.
  5. Extending invitations for the participants of conferences, seminars and other events held by the Ministry.
  6. Preparing receptions for the Ministry' guests in the events belonging to the Ministry.
  7. Taking the necessary actions of Media coverage to the Ministry' guests and delegations in charge of official tasks outside the Sultanate.

Visa and booking Department: is specialized in the following:
  1. Taking actions to get the visas of the Ministry's official delegations which are leaving the Sultanate.
  2. Issuing and renewing the official tasks' passports in the competent authorities.
  3. Getting the Ministry' Visas for the guests of Ministry such as experts, consultants and others.
  4. Extracting land passport permissions from the Sultanate's borders.
  5. Extracting visit visas for the families of migrant employees.
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