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  The functions of Ministry's Security Office:
  •  - Receiving all information issued by the security authorities and implemented with very precision and diligence.
  •     - Protecting the classified information and storing it in safe places against theft and fire.
  •     - Protecting the different facilities and devices in the Ministry and following-up the instructions, resolutions and circulars issued by the security authorities, the Royal Oman Police and the Ministry of Civil Service.
  •     - Taking actions required to implement the rules of dealing concerning classified information.
  •     - Fulfilling the papers and security forms related to recruitment, re-appointment, promotion, transportation, etc., and sending them to the Ministry of Civil Service to be approved.
  •     - Making the records and files required to register the incoming and outgoing correspondences from and to the Office to be kept in safe places, ensuring that no body can read them except the competent staff only.
  •     - Printing all security-related correspondences and preparing the drafts after they are printed.
  •     - Supervising the guards and organizing their works.

    The Department of Security Information:

  • - Providing the security of nominees for appointment.
  • - Receiving the appointments' nominations from the Human Resources Department.
  • - Explaining the terms of security form for each nominee until filling his/her data accurately.
  • - Addressing the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations in the Royal Oman Police to get the nominee's criminal sheet.
  • - Printing and reviewing the Security Form, opening a secret file with a serial number for each employee appointed by the Ministry and entering his/her data with the computer.
  • - Addressing the Ministry of Civil Service to get the security approvals in appointing the nominee.
  • - Informing the Human Resources Department with the results of completing the nominee's appointing procedures or canceling the nomination if there is any objection to the appointment.
  • - Receiving and reviewing the recruitment 'justification from the Human Resources Department for who be approved in order to ensure the existence of security approval and sending it to the Ministry of Civil Service to be ratified on the appointment.
  • - Organizing lectures or meetings in order to spread the security awareness among the Ministry's employees in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • - Putting the security's correspondence and performance evaluation reports of each employee in his/her secret file on a regular basis. 

The Department of Ministry's Security:

  • - Issuing cards and permits required to enter the Ministry's building after the official working hours.
  • - Doing the works of securing and buildingsguarding belonging to the Ministry.
  • - Participating with the concerned authorities for testing and training the guards.
  • - Investigating the problems and difficulties facing the guards and working to solve them.
  • - Supervising and maintaining technically the fire extinguishers related to the Ministry's buildings.
  • - Implementing the registration system for all offices keys in the Ministry's buildings and taking actions the procedures required when they are lost or damaged.
  • - Keeping the original and backup keys for the main office's doors.


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