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E-Participation Policy :

The goal

The website provides an opportunity for all sectors of society to participate in the dialogue and interaction about all aspects of the development field. This will enable members of the community to communicate electronically and provide their opinions, comments or suggestions.

The vision

Our primary goal is to find an appropriate mechanism for dialogue and interaction with websites users, to listen to their opinions, and to receive their complaints, and suggestions.

Our commitment

We are committed to receive your contributions, study and respond to them with care and attention when these notes or proposals are related to the services and facilities of the website, otherwise the observations will be referred to the competent authority, which will respond to your inquiry and your remarks. On the other hand we expect you to act responsibly to refrain from expressing opinions, observations or comments unrelated the website or inappropriate or not compatible with Omani culture, and will be deleted immediately and excluded from study and reply.

The facilities available for direct electronic participation

Currently the website provides the following facilities for direct participation:

  1. social networking.
  2. Facebook: to learn about updates as they happen and to participate in discussion with other users.
  3. Twitter: receiving short text messages in a timely manner from and about the website.
  4. RSS – The property of subscribing to the website to get the feature of automatic updates to the web browsers.
  5. Service of "Contact Us" that is placed in the bottom of the page, where you can put your comments, suggestions, and opinions.
  6. E-mail: You can use e-mail in case you have a certain electronic problem.

We look forward towards constantly finding ways to improve the direct and immediate participation service. For example, Direct News Service and Direct Discussion Service that we have applied currently. In addition to social networks, we welcome any suggestions you have. In addition to the above, we ensure you that:

  1. we will keep your opinions and suggestions securely in our systems and our team will study them with interest.
  2. your participations and request will be forwarded to the concerned departments to take the necessary action regarding them.
  3. we will analyze and save all your opinions that we receive and we will display general questions of interest to everyone with our responses within the FAQ.
  4. You can also contact us if you have any other information you would like to submit on the numbers and e-mail addresses listed in the icon "Contact Us.
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