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A delegation from the University of Xi Chinese to visit the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017
Hijri Date:

Student delegation from the University of Xi visited China, the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in the Office of the Ministry Khuwair, where he was in the delegation was received by Dr. Abdullah bin Said Maamari lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, and the visit comes to identify the role of the Sultanate in promoting peace, security and religious tolerance with the various umbrella religions and races around the world.
He welcomed Dr. Abdullah bin Saeed Al Maamari Guest visitor and talked about the role of the Sultanate in the rapprochement between religions , saying that " the history of the Sultanate `s long history filled with many models in dealing with others and Omani role in communicating with other civilizations and integrate with it and also the role of the Omani sailors and traders in the consolidation of relations with other peoples throughout history alive a model of religious tolerance among peoples . "
He added , " the Sultanate , represented by the Ministry of Awqaf and religious Affairs has an active role in instilling tolerance and peaceful coexistence in society, by raising awareness among the communities through coexistence and Understanding and tolerance with others and integrate with them and rounded as well as among themselves, and on the other hand by holding conferences and exhibitions around the world . "
The Sultanate one of the leading countries in the dissemination of religious tolerance abroad values which sought to establish a number of exhibitions that brought the message of tolerance, understanding and coexistence , entitled" The message of Islam from Oman , "which traveled the world through a number of different stations

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