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The functions of Auditors Services Department:
  1. Receiving auditors and registering their applications, whether written or electronic.
  2. Providing the auditors with the required information regarding their applications, and guiding them to the relevant Ministry'sauthorities.
  3. Classifying auditors' applications and directing them to meet the backgrounds required.
  4. Establishing a register to record all applications and subjects submitted to auditors, and referring them to the relevant directorates and departments of the Ministry.
  5. Sorting the auditors' applications, and presenting what it takes to the Minister for guidance.
  6. Doing follow-up actions for different bodies in the Ministry in terms of the subjects submitted by citizens to ensure that they are not delayed.
  7. Informing the applicant with the actions taken regarding his/her application and the results.
  8. Submitting a periodic report to the Minister on the subjects related to auditors, and making statistical tables after their inventory, sorting and classification.
  9. Analyzing the applications to identify their directions, and submitting them to the Minister with proposals should be followed.
  10. Any other tasks are falling under the scope of its competences.
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