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The Functions of Documentation Division:

The documentation division is competent to practice its detailed functions prescribed in the article no. (42) of the Royal Decree No. (60/2007), which states the following: The documentation divisions and departments of the concerned authorities handle the application of rules, regulations and procedures adopted by the Authority of current and intermediary documentation administration, as well as handle the following:
  1. Preparing the classification system for documents, its schedules and procedural tools required to manage the documents.
  2. Doing the work related to mail.
  3. Providing the technical support to employees in applying the rules and regulations established for the documents.
  4. Providing the technical support to employees in converting the current documents to safe place for saving the intermediary documents.
  5. Managing the intermediary documents and making them available to the constituent bodies upon request.
  6. Moving the archives to the Authority.
  7. Destroying the documents that have terminated legally for keeping them under the established rules.
  8. Participating in the events organized by relevant authorities and organizations inside and outside the country.

This division includes the following departments:
Mail Section:
  1. Registering the outgoing and incoming mail related to the concerned authority according to the numerical sequence and timeline, taking into account the classification system of documents approved by the Authority.
  2. Handing over the original incoming mail to the concerned divisions and keeping copies of it.
  3. Directing the outgoing mail to the concerned authorities, keeping copies of it and then returning other copies to the constituent bodies.
  4. Helping the divisions of concerned parties to get copies from the outgoing or incoming mail; these copies will be saved for specified period according the schedules of retention documents that are common between the government units.

Organization documents: Department specializing the following:
  1. Preparation of procedural tools for the management of documents, particularly the classification of documents and schedules extended retention and assistance and training staff to use these tools systems.
  2. Assistance and training of staff to use these tools.
  3. A review of the classification system tables and extended retention of documents whenever necessary

Department of Documents Organization: is specialized in the following:
  1. Preparing the procedural tools related to documents administration, including the documents classification systems and their retention schedules, as well helping staff and training them to use these tools.
  2. Helping and training the employees to use these tools.
  3. Reviewing the classification system and documents retention schedules whenever necessary.

Conservation Department: is specialized in the following:
  1. Providing the technical support to the divisions of concerned authority to transfer their documents which are no longer used to the place of saving intermediary documents.
  2. Arranging, keeping and organizing the intermediary documents to be reviewed if required.
  3. Sorting the intermediary documents and then moving them to the Authority to be destroyed.

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